Alligator Scrub
Alligator Scrub
Alligator Scrub
Alligator Scrub
Alligator Scrub

Alligator Scrub

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Is it hard to wash the cutlery and always wash not clean? If yes this brush cleaner can be washed easily. This Alligator Scrub is perfect for anyone who wants to make cleaning easier in the kitchen!

Alligator Scrub

Its simple convenient and multi purpose, take out the sucker, squeeze the bush vigorously, take out the brush, and separate the brush to use.Clean anything from spoons, forks, chopsticks and knives with ease!

Alligator Scrub Cleaning

This scrubber also doubles as a vegetable scrubber, simply pull the scrubber apart to separate the brushes!  

Alligator Scrub Veggies


  • Heavy Duty Suction Cup design to stick to your sink 
  • Clean Spoons, Forks, Chopsticks and Knives with ease!
  • Doubles as a vegetable cleaner
  • Cutlery Cleaner makes mealtime cleanup fast and easy, just add detergent and clean away. 
  • It features a suction cup for easy attachment to the inside of the sink and provides strong grip.

Alligator Scrub Features

Weight: 90g
Material: PP+nylon
Size: 11 cm x 6 cm x 4 cm

Alligator Scrub Size

Package Included:
1 x Cleaning Brush