5-Minute At Home Manicure
5-Minute At Home Manicure
5-Minute At Home Manicure

5-Minute At Home Manicure

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Give Yourself a Salon-Quality Manicure in UNDER 5 Minutes!

You want your nails to look amazing, but don't have the time to do the full-on manicure treatment? Fortunately, it's now pretty easy to do a quickie manicure at home in just five minutes! 

This is the absolute solution for good looking nails that will make your hands look beautiful without the hassle of salon appointment and expensive treatments! 

Say Goodbye to Peeled, Chipped, or Cracked Nails - This solution will surround your nail & cuticle with an intense moisturizing treatment. It will help repair & restore healthy nail growth so no more frustration with chipped nails and dried cuticle skin.

No Need to Leave Home and Go to the Salon for a Manicure - This treatment is extremely helpful and will save you time and money from expensive salon manicures. You can easily get a well groomed and beautiful nails in the comfort of your own home.  

Healthy Nail Treatment from Natural Ingredients - Each 5 Minute Mani mask is infused with a special advanced formula containing Japonica Seed Oil that is widely known as an antioxidant.  The infused Japonica Seed Oil helps strengthens nails, conditions cuticles, and hydrates the skin around the fingertips.

Simple and Incredibly Easy to Use - Just slip the little nail masks over your fingertips for just five minutes to ease the removal of dry and dead skin. This is the easiest ways to pamper yourself that will give your nails a long-lasting shine with a quick and easy application.


HTB1UHbhf9MmBKNjSZTEq6ysKpXap (3)_Package included: 1 x Nail Treatments Kit

One Kit Includes 4 Nail Treatments: Each treatment includes 10 individual fingernail mask.




Don't go through the hassle of time-consuming and expensive manicure treatment when you can give yourself an at-home quick manicure that will look just as beautiful and healthy!